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How to avoid cyber attacks without antivirus

Cyber attacks are becoming very active in today’s world. Top IT companies are buying expensive products to protect their private document. Such expensive softwares are beyond common man’s budget. Below are some tips that will help to protect comman man from individuals.

1) Clear your browsing history: Regardless what browser you use, every browser has capability to store or automatically clear internet history. So you can do so by going to brower option and then navigating to privacy option. Just simply click on clear browsing history to clear your surfing history. There is an option to clear browsing history as soon as user close the browser. So you can choose any suitable option to clear your internet history.

2) Do not install freeware: Freeware are mean for adversiting and collect information. Some free software also has ability to collect information from computer and send it over the internet at regular intervals. To avoid this, do not install any freeware or any lurking softwares.

3) Close your internet: You should close your internet as soon as you have completed browsing work. It is like switching lights off when you do not need it. Keeping internet open will let other intruders/hackers to steal personal information from computer without evening noticing you.

4) Backup your data with password: It might happens a service repair team that visit your house to repair laptop/computer could steal your private data without your notice. There are some USB sticks that copies data automatically as soon as they are plugged in. So make sure to make your all backup data password protected.