Solar Energy Companies In World

solar energy companies
solar energy companies

Solar energy companies in the world

A2Z infra:

  • Company has substantial amount diversified projects in renewable energy like. Company. Company has posted annual profit of 32.12 in last financial year and have 13 locations across
  • India wiz, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (2 offices including head office) Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai (2 offices), Noida, Pune, Kochi.


  • Company has more than 2000 customers across the globe. They provide renewable energy service for airports, smart cities, health care, urban and environmental maintenance sectors.
  • They have posted net profit of €73 million in first quarter (+19.2%) . Company head quarter is mainly located in Barcelona, Spain


  • Brookfield is one of the leading publicly traded company and it has multiple of renewable power platforms.
  • Company posted net profit of $0.804 billion in June 2019 quarter and total of $3.122 billion in last financial year.
  • Company headquarter is located at Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc:

  • Company builds thin-film photovoltaic modules that are more robust and flexible to use.
  • Company posted revenue of $0.86 million in 2018 financial year and $3.24 million in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Company is located at Thorton, Colorado USA.

Azure Power :

  • Azure power is one of the leading companies in the producing solar energy in world.
  • Company has $3483,000 net profit in the 2019 financial year
  • Company founded in year of 2008 and it is the first Indian energy company to be listed in NYSE.

Ballard Power systems

  • Ballard power system is leading manufacturer of fuel cell required of solar energy.
  • Company has produced more than 400MW of fuel cell in the world so far.
  • June quarter 2019 posted $7 million loss for company.


  • Company is leading experts in manufacturing and installing wind farms and solar panel parks.
  • As per 2019 financial report, company estimate 7.8 million euros in gross profit.
  • Company is in Germany with head quartering Bremen.

Enphase Energy:

  • Company majorly produce solar energy solutions like solar software monitoring and control systems.
  • As per June 2019 reports, Company has posted net income of $10618. It is based in Fremont, California.


  • First solar is America’s leading solar panel manufacturer.
  • Total net profit for the quarter finishing June 30, 2019 was $-0.019B
  • Company has head quarter in Tempe, Arizona. It has manufacturing plants in USA, Malasia and Vietnam.

Siemens Gamesa:

  • With 20 years’ involvement and more than 30,000 MW introduced in 46 nations, Gamesa is a worldwide renewable energy pioneer in the business.
  • Company reported 18 million euros in net profit for the first quarter of year 2019.
  • Headquarter is located in Zamudio, Spain.

Infigen Energy:

  • Company is based in Australia and it produces 557 MW of energy with its current capacity.
  • Infigen energy reported $41 million net profit in 2019 which as less than 10% of previous earnings of $46 million.

JA Solar Holdings: 

  • it is a solar manufacturing firm based in Yangpu district, Shanghai.
  • Company also produces monocrystalline and multi crystalline solar cells


  • it is based in France and has solar and wind farm in 13 countries across 4 continents.
  • Revenue posted in last first quarter of 2019 was up to €118.1 million.


  • Company produces solar inverters and power controlling and monitoring devices.
  • It is based in Herzliya, Israel.
  • Company reported gross profit of $110670K.

SMA Solar Technology:

  • SMSA solar produces equipment required to produce solar energy.
  • It is based in Niestetal, Germany.
  • Company posted net income of –€14.2 million in first half of 2019.

SolarWorld AG:

  •  It is largest manufacture of solar photovoltaic devices in Germany.


  • SunPower is an USA firm which builds crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar and panels
  • Company uses All-back-contact solar cell innovation technique that was designed at Stanford University.
  • Company posted $121.5 million net income in the quarter of June 2019.

Suntech Power:

  • It is based in Wuxi, China.
  • Company has expertise in producing solar panels.
  • Company posted net income $20,073,491 in the last financial quarter.

Synex International:

  • It is based in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Company is combination of two whole subsidiaries Synex Energy Resources and Sigma Engineering limited.
  • Company posted revenue of $411,608 June 2019 quarter.

Terna Energy:

  • Trina Solar builds solar photovoltaic components and energy conversation systems.
  • Terna energy is based Greek renewable energy based in region on Mesogion in Athena, Greece.
  • Company posted increase in net profit of 29.9 million Euro.

UGE International:

  • Company provides turn key solar devices for commercial companies.
  • It is based in New York and also have manufacturing plants in Cebu and Toronto.

Vivint Solar:

  • Firm provides build and installation of residential solar energy solutions.
  • It is based in Lehi, UT(USA) and
  • Second quarter of Viviant solar company posted a net revenue of $90757 thousands.


  • Company develops photovoltaic products of solar panels.
  • It is based in China.

Canadian Solar:

  • Company manufactures solar photovoltaic components and offers turn key solutions.
  • It has presence in North and South Americas region including Asia pacific and middle east.
  • Company posted net revenue of $484.7 million in the first quarter of year 2019.

China Sunergy:

  • It is developer of solar cells based in Nanjing and Jiagsu province of China.

Blueleaf (Conergy) Energy:

  • Firm was founded in Germany and has headquarter in Singapore.
  • Company produce PV solar power plants and has global capacity of 2 gigawatts.


  • It is one of the largest manufactures of PV solar modules in Taiwan and China.


  • Jinko solar is world’s largest manufactured of solar cells.
  • Company has posted net revenue of US$59.1 million in first quarter of year 2019.

Morgan Solar:

  • It based in Canada and produces solar PV cells. It also produces Savanna dual axis tracker.

Grape Solar:

  • Company is based in Eugene, Oregon.
  • It produces solar photovoltaic components for building solar panels.
  • Their products are usually available at retail shops like Walmart and Costco.


  • It is based in more than 60 countries across globe.
  • Isofoton firm specializes in building photostatic cells and thermal power components.


  • Kyoecera is Japanese manufacturing company for electronics and solar devices.
  • It is based in Kyoto and world leader in ceramics manufacturing and building integrated photovoltaics.

Mitsubishi Group of Companies:

  • Company is based in Japan and produces multinational vehicles and multitude of electronic devices.
  • Firm also specialized in manufacturing photovoltaic solar cells.
  • It posted annual net profit 111.82 billion yen for fiscal year 2018-2019.

Neo Solar Power Energy Corp:

  • Company  is based in multinational region of Taiwan and China
  • Firm  produces solar PV cells and rank in top ten solar cell manufacturer in the world.

Hanwha Q Cells:

  • Company is based in the region of Seoul, South Korea and Germany.
  • They specialize in producing large scale solar power plants and solar modules.

Renewable energy corporation (REC Group):

  • REC group is largest solar power equipment manufacturer in European region.
  • Company has more than 3000 employees across America, Europe and Asia pacific region.


  • Panasonic is world leader producing quality and long-lasting electronic devices like televisions, mobile.
  • They also specialized in producing solar panels, solar equipment’s and photovoltaic cells.
  • Company has headquartered in Japan and listed in Tokyo stock exchange.
  • Net profit posted for financial year 2018-2019 is 307 billion yen.


  • Sharp is world’s leading electronic devices manufacturer and it has strong presence of developing solar panels and cells for retails and commercial purposes.
  • It is listed in multinational stock exchange like BseIndi and Tokyo stock exchange.

SolarPark Korea:

  • As name suggest, company is based in Korea.
  • It is estimated to build largest solar park in the world in upcoming years.
  • Like other solar energy companies, SolarPark produces photovoltaic module for solar panels.

Tata Power solar:

  • Tata is leading Indian industry and has good presence in manufacturing solar panels across several cities.
  • Tata power posted net profit of 296.51 crore Indian rupees for the quarter of June 2019.
  • Company is also consistent in proving dividend at the average price of 1.30 rupee per share.        

Ampulse Solar:

  • Ampulse is one the leading solar power panels producer in India.
  • It has been actively installing solar plants in the area of Nagpur, Gadchiroli and Karnataka.
  • Company posted net profit of Rs 0.03 crore Indian rupee.

Icomm Tele:

  • It is the one the leading experts in manufacturing products in renewable energy like solar power panels and communication and technology.
  • It is based in Banjara hills in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.
  • Company reported net profit of Rs 579.55 crore in the first quarter of 2019.

MoserBear Solar:

  • Company is based in New Delhi and engaged in solar business with capacity of 250MW.
  • It majorly produces crystalline cells, crystalline modules and thin film modules.  

Kotak Solar:

  • Kotak solar produces solar pump and it sells its products across India and overseas.
  • They also provide solar roof top installation, solar street lights and solar heater products.

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