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A natural way to cure Jaundice

It is many times seen that people suffering from Jaundice have to be fully dependable on their medicines through out the medicines course. Jaundice is caused by in take of infected water or using of infected injection. In Jaundice liver is impacted where it get swollen due to infection and it is considered as only medicine can cure Jaundice. However Jaundice has several types Jaundice A, Jaundice B and Jaundice C, out of which only Jaundice A is completely curable.

However during old days people were using natural medicines to cure the Jaundice. Because during old days, there were no medicines available to people and also now in underdeveloped and developing countries, it is seen that people cannot afford to buy medicine or go through medical treatment for Jaundice.

So what was the cure or the miraculous thing that can cure Jaundice. It is the pulp in Crabs. In all species of Crab, there is yellowish or orange substance. when a Crab is broken in half horizontally, inside of it there is sticky yellowish or orange color substance. If a patience suffering from Jaundice, daily eats this sticky substance or daily eat crabs then A type Jaundice gets cured without in take of medicines. Since this cure is adopted in Villages , River crabs or mud crabs are used for this. So people do is they the pulp out and add it into the crab curry or gravy while cooking it.

Now this is only for Non-Vegetarian as Crab is meat thing and Vegetarian don’t eat Crabs. Crab gravy or curry has strong aroma and Asian countries like India cook crab with lot of chilly.